Dear figure skating community!

We want to invite interested skaters, trainers and teams to the 2024 Summer Camp in Erfurt/Germany with top trainers from Austria and Germany. The goal is to use the great team spirit at the camp and the input of the whole team for preparing the new season together. We are inviting especially teams and trainers but also skaters alone, but we would appreciate coordinating the training in cooperation with the main coach of the skater if possible. We are also offering feedback and a video archive to the trainers of the skaters.

Season preperation – jumping training, rotation training, athletic training methods, choreography/dance and program preperation

Methods for motivation and methods and tools for training efficiency for on ice and off-ice

Injury prevention through athletic training which also pushes the performance of skaters + health topics

Using training tools for more efficient and effective training (off-ice + on ice) and habit improvement

We have this time a big focus also on showing the athletes and trainers, who are interested how we started to work with different training tools and how one can set them up (this is including video analysis on the ice rink and off-ice, constant video monitoring, fitness and training trackers (Garmin vivosmart 5 and others) as well as an web platform for training schedules and workouts to help teams supporting and monitoring training better no matter where and when skaters are training.

We are happy to take care of your kids and skaters during the camp (has to be approved before). We have only a certain capacity for younger skaters, so please let us know before.
The care of the children begins when they are brought to Erfurt and ends when they are handed over to the parents or relatives.

The camp will focus a lot on individual improvements for all skaters independent of their skating level, as we have a great coaching team, that is already working together for some time and have skaters from all levels (single jumps, double jumps, triple jumps and also quads).  We will also have 2 pair skating teams at the camp (Basic Novice and Juniors). 

If you are interested to prepare for the camp, there is also the possibility for meeting already before for training in July in Vienna.

Find all details on the website of our skating center in Vienna/Austria

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Summer Camp 2024 in Erfurt Germany :